Small MP3 Player, XML Feeded

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Small MP3 Player, XML Feeded

This is a small mp3 player for fast and easy embeding in your website and playing your choosen songs. It can load up to 80 songs. Its grey coloring gives it look and feel suitable for a kinds of website designs. Classical type of player. You have a blog, then this is the right player for it. Just edit the xml file with your predefined songs list. Read the readme file for tips on how to edit the xml file. Also you can use the "Help and Support" section of this component for editing the xml and embedding. It has the option for loading the sound file only when the play button is pressed for users with low bandwith internet. Use the bottom panel to select a song from a playlist. All songs in the xml are listed in that panel. Files included: SWF, FLA, HTML and for embeding, XML and the readme file.

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Publisher/Developer: Author-BuzF

Release Date: May 12, 2012

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