Super Clicks 3.0

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Super Clicks 3.0

Super Clicks is a fun desktop puzzle game for your PC.

Name the players on your game and choose a level of difficulty from normal to medium with Super Clicks and get started. There's even a kids difficulty level if you want to get younger players involved. You can even play with people online to up the difficulty level a bit. The settings are pretty comprehensive as well, and even let you change the colors and shapes of the game board pieces.

The goal is to remove all of the balls on your Super Clicks board. You do this by clicking on any set of balls that are connected to other balls of the same color, either above, below, or next to the ball of your choice. Once chosen, the balls disappear and any balls that remain above will drop into place below.

Super Clicks is a pretty simple game that's easy to learn and fun to play. The only problem is finding instructions to learn how to play in the first place. None seemed to be included in the actual Super Clicks game file. The Super Clicks games can also be a bit repetitive, and it would've been nice for there to have been a solution demo included so you could see what moves would've brought you to victory in each particular game. Kids might also bore pretty quickly of graphics that look like they came from a comparable puzzle game ten years ago.

Fans of Super Clicks can also get in on the fun with a similar game by the same developed called Super Balls.

Overall, Super Clicks is a fun puzzle game for all ages and levels of expertise - once you learn how to play it.

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Size: 8.2 MB


5 stars

Operating System: WinXP/Vista/7

Publisher/Developer: ALLPlayer

Release Date: May 12, 2012

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